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Relocation Lawyer in Reading & Pottstown

How can I get approval from the court to relocate with my child?

Do you need legal assistance with a child relocation issue? If you have sole custody of your child, and are wondering what needs to be done to get approval from the court to relocate you and your child out of state, a family law attorney from our Reading & Pottstown law office may be able to help. Each of our lawyers has high Avvo ratings and our founding partner is a Martindale-Hubbell® BV Distinguished® Rated lawyer who has also been selected as one of the approved child custody mediators for the courthouse serving Montgomery County.

Our experience has allowed us to assist many parents with all different types of relocation, modification and child support and custody issues. We stand ready to fight on your behalf, as well. To get the court's approval to relocate out of state with your child, you will need to show why the move is necessary and how the move is in the child's best interests. Whether you are able to obtain the consent of your ex-spouse can also effect the decision of the court. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney to argue in favor of the relocation will increase your chances of getting the court's approval.

If I object to my ex-spouse relocating out of state, what can I do?

If you object to your ex-spouse relocating out of state with your child, the first thing you need to do is hire legal representation. As a parent you have certain rights, regardless of whether or not the court awarded you custody. You owe it to yourself and your child to defend those rights and fight to maintain the relationship you have built. Our firm is here to help you do just that. Parents who do have sole custody of their children, do not have the right to move their children to another state without first obtaining the approval of the court. We can present a compelling argument to show how the move would present undue hardship and not be in the best interests of you or your child.

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The lawyer you choose to represent you will directly affect the outcome of your case. Cases involving children can be exceedingly complex, as you have to be able to protect your parental rights while at the same time doing what is in your child's best interests, and without causing any undue harm. Our attorneys have more than a decade worth of legal experience and we are adept at handling sensitive legal issues like these.

Whether you are trying to obtain approval to relocate with your child out of state, or you are trying to prevent your child from being relocated with your ex-spouse, we advise you call a Reading & Pottstown relocation attorney before it is too late.

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