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Fathers' Rights Lawyer in Reading & Pottstown

We Protect Fathers' Rights in the Reading and Pottstown Areas

Long gone are the days when divorce courts and society at large considered the mother as the only parent suitable to retain custody and be responsible for raising children from a marriage. Now fathers are being considered as suitable care providers and rightfully so. If you are a father who wants to be granted custody of your child, or who is concerned about how custody will be awarded, it is important you understand your parental rights. Unless you are aware of your rights and willing to fight for those rights, the chances of you being awarded custody could be low.

A Reading & Pottstown divorce lawyer from our firm will be able to advise you of your rights, help you determine how to present your case in the most effective way and provide you with the legal support necessary to seek your objectives with regard to custody, visitation or relocation. Our firm has represented all different types of child custody and support cases over the years. We are well versed on the factors taken into consideration in these types of cases and are committed to doing everything we can to increase your chances of success.

Our attorneys take pride in getting real results and being there when our clients need us the most. The fact that our lead lawyer has been voted #1 Lawyer by the Pottstown Mercury Newspaper, has been selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers ® Rising Stars ℠ list of 2008 and is one of the only approved child custody mediators for the county courthouse, makes us more than qualified to present an aggressive and compelling argument for you being awarded custody of your child.

Why You Should Work with Dolan Ray Law, LLC

As a father, you deserve to play an active role in your child's upbringing and you deserve to be given the opportunity to maintain the special relationship that only exists between a child and his or her father. Fathers are just as capable as mothers in providing their children with the level of nurture, care and support they require. Judges are generally in favor of both parents sharing custodial rights and working together to do what is in the best interests of their child.

Without legal representation you could find yourself fighting to retain any of your parental or fathers' rights, much less be granted custody. Do not let your relationship with your child be put at risk when a Reading & Pottstown family law attorney at Dolan Ray Law, LLC stands ready to help you present your case and give the judge good reason to award custody in your favor.

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