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Seeking Protection from Abuse?

How a Protection from Abuse Order Works in Reading & Pottstown

Are you being abused? Or, has a loved one claimed you are an abuser? The family law attorneys at Dolan Ray Law, LLC are here to help you. Pennsylvania Courts have the power to issue Protection from Abuse Orders upon a petition or request of a person claiming he/she has been abused. Often times, the television shows will refer to these as "Restraining Orders" but, in Pennsylvania family courts, they are called Protection from Abuse Orders or PFAs.

A person may file a Petition (request) for a PFA if they believe they have been abused or have been in "imminent fear" of being abused. A person requesting a PFA should get to the Courthouse as soon as possible – typically within 24 hours – but there is no certain deadline. If abuse occurs on a weekend or holiday, a person can contact the local police and request a PFA from the local district judge. However, the PFA Ordered by the District Judge will expire at the end of the next day when the courts are open, so a person must go to the Courthouse to refile if he/she believes it is necessary.

What protections are granted by a PFA Order?

Once a person filed a Petition for a PFA, the Court will often issue a Temporary PFA Order which will grant certain protections. These protections may include that the alleged abuser cannot "abuse, threaten or harass the petitioner," cannot contact the Petitioner either directly or indirectly, must leave the residence, give up his/her guns, or other protections as the Court deems appropriate. The Temporary PFA will also schedule a hearing which shall occur within 10 business days of filing the Petition. The PFA hearing is usually held on certain days of the week, and will likely be scheduled with as many as thirty other PFA cases.

Learn How the Team at Dolan Ray Law, LLC Can Help

The day of the PFA can be very confusing. There a many other cases scheduled, there is often a lack of information between the parties and the parties are under a lot of stress. Having a Reading and Pottstown family law attorney present to inform you of your rights and get you to a resolution is often the best choice.

If you either filed a PFA or scheduled to appear at a PFA hearing in Berks, Chester or Montgomery County, give Dolan Ray Law, LLC a call for help.

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