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How is alimony determined in divorce cases?

When a married couple files for divorce in our state, there are instances when the court may decide to award alimony to either spouse. Hiring a skilled family law attorney to represent you during divorce proceedings will give you better chance of being able to successfully argue your case and get the outcome you want. If you feel you deserve alimony, a Reading & Pottstown divorce lawyer from our firm will fight to show why you deserve to receive alimony, and for how long.

If you are worried about having to pay alimony when you do not believe it is warranted, we will work with you closely during divorce preparation to document your case so the judge is aware of all relevant facts. Our attorneys have years of family law experience. We understand the impact alimony will have on your post-divorce life and we are more than qualified to assist you with all of your alimony and divorce-related needs. The amount of alimony awarded in a divorce will be determined based on more than a dozen factors.

Factors that will be considered by the judge before alimony is awarded include:

  • Each spouse's current and anticipated income or earning capacity
  • Their ages
  • Their physical and mental conditions
  • What education and vocation training each has done
  • The length of the marriage
  • The standard of living each party became accustomed to during the marriage
  • The assets and liabilities of each spouse
  • Each party's relative needs

Why a couple wants to get divorced (i.e. marital misconduct, abuse, irreconcilable differences or some other reason), can also impact a judge's decision to award alimony.

Legal Assistance from Divorce Lawyer Serving Reading & Pottstown

The majority of divorce cases do not involve volatile disputes and long, drawn-out court proceedings. Many couples are able to come to an amiable agreement as to the dissolution of their marriage so as to file an uncontested divorce or a collaborative divorce. When you hire Dolan Ray Law, LLC we will prepare a tailor-made strategy to address whatever disputes or points of contention may arise during negotiations.

To help keep your divorce-related costs at a minimum, our firm offers inexpensive consultations with no time limits so you can get your questions answered and determine how you want to proceed. Without the assistance of experienced legal representation, your future stability and viability are at risk. Let us be the advocate you need when fighting to protect your interests.

Contact our law office today to get legal assistance with your divorce and any potential alimony issues.

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