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Peter Dolan Added to List of Custody Mediators for Montgomery Courthouse

The Montgomery Courthouse has added Attorney Peter J. Dolan to its list of approved mediators for child custody cases. The lawyer's new placement on the list gives more Pottstown residents the chance to work with a child custody mediator in their own community, which saves them both time and money, according to The Mercury. Since the majority of the 37 court-approved custody mediators work out of central or eastern Montgomery County, someone from Pottstown could easily end up being assigned to one of these mediators, causing the inconvenience of a longer commute. Fortunately, parents in Pottstown who need to resolve child custody matters can now turn to Attorney Dolan, of Dolan Ray Law, LLC, for mediation services.

In order to qualify as a Montgomery Courthouse mediator, Attorney Dolan had to undergo more than 50 hours of training in the area of transformative mediation, as well as fulfill a number of other requirements. As a child custody mediator, Mr. Dolan helps parents resolve child custody disputes on their own rather than handling the matter through litigation. The role of the mediator is to facilitate discussions and negotiations between the two parties so that they can more successfully reach a custody agreement. Mediation is often ordered by the court as a first step for resolving family law disputes.

Attorney Dolan has been providing legal services to clients in Pottstown and Reading since 1999. In addition to custody, Attorney Dolan also provides legal assistance for many other types of family law matters, and practices other types of law as well. He can assist individuals and families that need mediation services, as well as those who need help with non-mediation agreements and litigation. Contact Dolan Ray Law, LLC for high-quality assistance with your child custody needs!