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Managing the Holidays During a Divorce

What about the holiday season is not at least a little bit stressful? There are gifts to wrap, decorations to hang, parties to attend, and, of course, relatives to visit. Even your most beloved of loved ones can get you flustered from time to time – this just seems to be a part of being a relative!

Going through a divorce, however, can escalate the expected holiday stressors to an intimidating degree. Before you start scratching your head and pulling out your hair – although, this is totally understandable – check out these tips to help you get manage the holidays while simultaneously going through a divorce.

Divorce & Holiday Tips You Should Know

  1. Holiday cheer: If you have shared children with your ex, do not take out any feelings of animosity on your children, or attempt to dissuade them from having fun when they are with them. Instead, let them know that you want them to have a good time with both of you, no matter the arrangements.
  2. Coordination: Speaking of children, use brief communications with your spouse to determine what presents to get and when to deliver them. Until custody rights are set through your divorce, you need to be willing to cooperate with one another to avoid confusing or stressing out your children.
  3. Friendship: The holidays are not just for celebrating with family, you can also get merriment out of time spent with friends. Don’t be afraid to ask them if you can join their events if you don’t want to risk running into your ex at family gathering. They’ll be glad to accommodate you!
  4. Tradition: While there is enjoyment in holding onto old traditions, now is a great time to make some new ones. Talk with your family, your friends, your children, etc. and see if there is something never done before they’d like to do now. It can help you take your mind off the other changes in your life and establish more comfortable holidays for the years to come.

Even the objectively best tips and hints in the world cannot provide you with much help if your divorce is not progressing as planned, though. To ensure that your divorce is being handled appropriately, contact Dolan Ray Law, LLC. Our Reading & Pottstown divorce attorneys would be happy to be the ones to help you find stability and peace of mind again. Call 610.674.1200 today.