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"Do It Yourself" Divorce: How it Works

Very often, people are looking to do their divorce on their own without the assistance of an attorney or by using a "do-it-yourself" divorce service they found in the newspaper or internet. However, if you are concerned about the high price of attorneys and want a divorce, don't forget about Dolan Ray Law, LLC with offices in Pottstown and Reading. Some divorces and custody cases are relatively simple, or the parties have reached agreements on the divorce and custody of the children.

In those cases, some people don't want to get a high-priced lawyer involved. They want to represent themselves, which is called "pro se." However, the legal process of divorce and custody can be confusing to a non-attorney and you might just need a little help to get you on the right path. Or, even with a simple divorce or custody matter, you might want to make sure all your rights are protected. The lawyers at Dolan Ray Law, LLC respect your situation and are here to help.

If you're just looking to understand the divorce process so you can do it on your own, or are looking for some legal advice while not completely retaining an attorney, give us a call. We can sit with you for a $75 consultation and then help you as you may want. If you are looking for a one-time consultation, looking for us to help you draft the pleadings or agreements, fix errors on existing pleading, appear for you at court or handle the whole divorce, we're here to help you.

There have been many times when I have had to fix divorces that the client has tried to do on their own by using one of the law firms they found in the newspaper or internet. Those do-it-yourself divorces may cause more trouble than they are worth. I have seen divorces that were greatly delayed because of errors on the pleadings or because the parties didn't understand what had to be done next and I have seen Agreements that were unenforceable because they were not properly drafted and executed.

While we respect your right to represent yourself and save costs, we understand that the law is confusing and can be very frustrating. To make it more frustrating, do-it-yourselfers/pro se parties find out quickly that the courthouse cannot give legal advice. So, when they get in trouble or have questions, they don't have anyone to ask. Before you start the process, it can be very helpful to sit down with an attorney at Dolan Ray Law, LLC and ask questions and get answers in a face-to-face meeting with a real lawyer.

So, if you're thinking of doing a divorce on your own, or looking for limited representation by an attorney, give Dolan Ray Law, LLC a call.