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Social Security Administration

How can the Social Security Administration help me?

You have probably heard of the Social Security Administration (SSA) before, and chances are, you have paid into the system throughout your working life. The SSA was created by the United States government to help provide and enforce programs such as disability benefits, survivor's benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance, retirement, and social insurance. Even though Americans pay into the SSA system through taxes that are taken out from their wages, there are still eligibility requirements to meet in order to obtain benefits from this administration. If you do qualify for assistance such as disability, you can file a claim and receive monetary assistance from the government.

While this administration was created to benefit citizens, the laws and regulations regarding benefits and claims can be difficult to understand. If you are seeking to file for Social Security disability benefits, or if you have been recently denied benefits, then you need to contact Dolan Ray Law, LLC right away. Our firm can assist you with overcoming various complications that you may be facing when it comes to filing. We know our way around the Social Security Administration's various laws and we may be able to help you. If you have question regarding your situation, you can turn to our team as soon as possible.

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At our firm, we understand that obtaining benefits is important and that, without the guidance of an attorney, you could be facing a difficult, uphill battle. Even eligible individuals can be denied benefits, and if you are struggling to obtain assistance, you should contact our firm right away. We have over 50 years of combined experience providing outstanding representation to our clients and we may be able to help you achieve a desirable resolution in your case.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your specific situation, contact Dolan Ray Law, LLC today and speak with a dedicated Reading and Pottstown Social Security lawyer right away. Complete a case evaluation form to get started.

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