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Wills & Trusts

Establishing a legally sound will or trust is important to do regardless of age. Wills and trusts can help ensure that your family, estate, and finances are in order in the event that something unexpected or unplanned happens. At Dolan Ray Law, LLC, we can work with you to determine which type of will or trust is best for your specific situation. We understand that every person's situation is unique and that developing a personalized will and trust is important, which is why we take the time to get to know you and your situation when we counsel you. If you have questions about your situation, or if you are interested in learning more about the types of wills and trusts that may work for you, do not hesitate to work with a Reading and Pottstown estate planning lawyer from our team.

It is important that you work with an attorney to establish a valid will, otherwise, it will not be recognized in court. In Pennsylvania, a valid will is one that has been drafted in writing and signed by the testator (the person making the will) and at least two witnesses. Any changes to a will can be made with the assistance of an attorney.

Your will can:

  • Outline what you want done with your assets and estate
  • Name beneficiaries
  • Establish guardianship
  • Establish trusts
  • Help you expedite or avoid the probate process

While it is recommended that everyone in Pennsylvania draft a will, not as many people need a trust. The most commonly needed trust is a trust created under a person's last will that can benefit minor children. Most trusts are created to help avoid federal taxation, but your specific needs may vary, which is why it is important you work with an attorney.

Draft a will today with help from our Pottstown & Reading Lawyers!

If you are interested in learning more about your rights and how working with a trusted Pottstown estate planning lawyer from our team can help, do not hesitate to contact Dolan Ray Law, LLC right away. Our team can help you develop a valid will or trust that can meet your requirements and suit your unique family dynamic or financial situation.

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